Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Jenna Spanked for Not Taking Responsibility

These 5 films, (1) Not Taking Responsibility; (2) Talking-Back; (3) Lectured, Controlled & Spanked; (4) Causing Problems & Attitude; and (5) Bound & Thrashed are part of one continuous real punishment session that lasted for over 1 hour and was shown live on the Internet by Streaming Video from the facilities of High-Expectations Academy. As with all coed punishments at the academy, you will see that Jenna is in fact spanked for real. She receives real punishment with real spankings that are hard, resulting in real tears and crying. This first film presents the introduction to Jenna's long punishment session and includes an initial 4 minutes of discussion with Jenna by her Headmaster. This introduction ends with a 2-minute OTK hand-spanking where her Headmaster slaps her bare bottom hard 117 times. While this film does not have the extensive spankings that the other 4 have, it does show how Jenna is controlled and her spankings are initiated.

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