Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Jenna Spanked for Causing Problems and Her Attitude!

SPANKED LONG AND HARD -- AGAIN!!! OTK by Hand! Daddy's Belt! Ping-Pong Paddle! Obedience Paddle! Hairbrush! Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap! SEVERE WHIPPING TO END THE SESSION!!! This is just an excellent 24-minute continuous punishment session! And all in the bedroom! Bedroom discipline with Jenna bending over the side of her bed, over her Headmaster's knee and kneeling on the bed. For the bedroom spanking enthusiast, this is the punishment you want to see! Real Punishment! Real Spanking! This is a Punishment Spanking that you will know is real! Here's a nude girl being given a bare bottom spanking that makes her cry for real! Taken to her bedroom, made to bend over as ordered, this coed is punished to make her cry! Her Headmaster wants her crying and he makes her cry! He starts with her OTK for a hand spanking of 100 slaps! Then he makes her lie down on her bed so he can use his belt on her bare bottom with 103 strokes. He controls her as he is very strict with her--telling her where she must place her hands and how to present her bottom for him to spank. Then he uses the Ping-Pong Paddle on her bare bottom with 130 strokes! Then he uses the Obedience Paddle on her with 63 strokes. You can hear it resound across her bare ass. She's been a bad girl and he is going to punish her hard. Then Jenna is over his knee to receive a hairbush spanking of 152 strokes! And these are hard strokes! A real spanking and real punishment! With her bending over the side of her bed, her Headmaster uses the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap on her with 114 strokes! Not done yet, he makes her kneel on her bed to receive a strapping of 106 strokes. Stripped naked, this naughty schoolgirl is punished hard ... and her punishment ends when she is disobedient by getting out of position and receives a SEVERE WHIPPING of 40 VERY HARD strokes! Crying loudly, Jenna knows that she has been punished hard!

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