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Jenna Severely Punished as New Stepdaughter, Part 4

536 times Jenna's bare bottom is spanked!!! This is a LONG and VERY ACTIVE punishment session!!! It starts in the bedroom with 200 hand-slaps with Jenna OTK as her "Stepdaddy" sits on the side of her bed. Then he drags her to the front room by her wrist, bends her over and slaps her bare bottom again 20 times. Then she is made to place a table in front of the sofa and kneel on it to receive 20 more. Then she has to get the dredded Blue Holed Paddle to receive 92 strokes! Back in the bedroom she has to kneel on her bed to be spanked with the hairbrush 30 times before being taken OTK for 174 more strokes of the hairbrush!

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