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Jenna Punished for Being a “Slutty Little Bitch!”

Poor Stepdaughter Jenna!!! 358 hand slaps! 136 strokes of a paddle! 83 strokes of a strap! 215 strokes of a hairbrush! And that is just for being "A Slutty Little Bitch!" Just wait until Jenna really misbehaves!!! Jenna is finding out that she is going to be severely punished anytime her new Stepdaddy (her Headmaster) wants to punish her. This is especially so when he finds her dressing and behaving like a "Slutty Little Bitch!" As she comes home and planning to go out again, he starts in on her with 28 cracks of the Discipline Paddle to her bottom. Then it's time for the Ping-Pong Paddle with 88 strokes to her bare bottom! And, to keep his hand warm, he slaps her bottom 70 times. Bending over, legs up, OTK ... just whatever position her Stepdaddy wants her in! Then the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap is used on her bottom 10 times. And all of this is just in the office as she walks in. Now it's time for the bedroom! OTK she goes for 140 slaps to her bare bottom plus 80 more with the Hairbrush! But ... let's keep that Hairbrush warmed up as her "Daddy" drags her to the frontroom and over his knee for 135 strokes with the Hairbrush and 28 slaps with his hand! Now, she's going to get cuffed!!! Then he drags her to the Punishment Room to string her up from the ceiling so he can whip her properly. 73 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap! 107 strokes of the Riding Crop! 20 slaps with his hand before dragging her back to the livingroom for an OTK Bedtime Spanking of 100 slaps! Jenna is going to be punished and spanked hard by her new Stepdaddy!

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