Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Jenna Learning Proper Discipline

When Jenna first came to the academy, she had a lot to learn about obedience. As she came home from school the first day, she spent the next hour being spanked and punished. She was spanked OTK by hand, and had to stand with her legs spread for her hygiene inspection. As she had not kept herself properly clean, she was sent to take a shower. Her Headmaster came in as she showered and made her bend over for a ping-pong paddle spanking. Then she is made to put her PJs on and get ready for bed. She is spanked with 78 strokes of the ping-pong paddle and is spanked with 450 hand slaps! For her spanking, she is positioned OTK, kneeling on the floor and bending over in the bathroom. Overall, this is just a very clasic domestic discipline spanking of a disobedient girl.

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