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Studio: RGE-Films
Today we have something especially delicate for you, our dear audience. For your great interest, the former stage crew of Rigid East Company got together and shot an excellent story as in the old times.

What does it mean?

You can be sure that all details will be on; no action will be shortened or outlined - you'll see everything that your heart and desire deserves! Flogging of tied naked girls, their humiliation and tears; you can feast on their crying and pain.

And as we always do, there's something extra prepared for you!

The story takes place in the most rewarding setting - the girl's boarding school. Four girls are late, as usually. But the strict teacher is more watchful than the reckless guard and the girls are caught.

Now they're waiting for the punishment - they all get a proper beating on naked bottoms. And their teacher appears to be weird...

They have to get undressed until they stand naked, and then they have to tie each other. They lie with their legs behind the head, so we can see everything as detailed as possible. Then a harsh flogging with a paddle comes, followed with the girls' pain, weeping, painful cries, tears of humiliation and fear.

One of the girls is a new pupil, she's never experienced anything like that...

And for her the teacher has prepared several surprises. The new girl is in a difficult situation, before the beating she realizes she needs to go to the bathroom, but the cruel teacher forces her to relieve herself in front of the others. That means also in front of you (and as we promised, you can see every single detail) - which means this is a premiere even in the Rigid East production!

And that's not the end at all.

After the harsh beating (shot in the same details), the girls must undergo a treatment with ginger root. And more and more experiences - which we're not going to tell now because we don't want to spoil your surprise. Enjoy our new movie, we guarantee your satisfaction. Only the teacher is somehow weird...

Stars: Georgina Lewis, Jiri Zabor, Renata Sukova, Karel Stibrany, Maria Kralova, Michaela Matusova, Jirka Toy

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