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Inappropriate Activity At St.Lukes

Video: Inappropriate Activity At St.Lukes
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Studio: California Star Productions
A junior teacher has been summoned to Mrs. Ravenscroft's classroom to explain why she has altered her daughter's exam papers. At first she denies it, but when evidence is provided there is nothing to do but admit it. Mrs. Ravenscroft threatens to tell the headmistress which will no doubt lead to a dismissal for her, along with having her daughter thrown out of school.

She is feeling very humble as she knows the ruthless reputation of Mrs. Ravensroft where discipline is concerned. Taking her across her knee she is given a hand spanking on her large bare round bottom, followed by a paddling which further tenderized her reddened orbs.

The headmistress happens upon them and there is now hell to pay their discipline culminates in severe caning for both of them!

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