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I Lied!

Gullible...That's the only way I can describe men who are so eager to do what a woman asks of him all based on a single, lone hope that she may provide him some sort of sexual pleasure. When I slid off my panties and asked my victim if he liked the feel of a warm, wet pussy sliding up and down his bare back, he answered with, "Oh yeah, baby." So, I asked if I could tie his ankles together and his wrists to the front posts of my massage table because that get's me really hot. He replied, "Hell yeah." As I tied him up, I told him, "Maybe I'll give you a nice erotic back rub to get things going." He says, "That sounds really good, baby." The whole time he is continuously telling me how smoking hot I am and that he can't wait. Well, once I got the ropes tied, he quickly learned 4 very important things: 01) Men will do anything if they think they are going to get some pussy. 02) Always think with your head and not your dick. 03) He screams like a little school girl when tickled. 04) I Lied! Seriously, I've never heard a man scream and beg like this. I completely torchered this guy and totally destroyed his ego in 3 minutes flat. - Nikki

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