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How Dare You, Pete!

Video: How Dare You, Pete!
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Studio: California Star Productions
Pete is already behind schedule in re-doing Mrs. Bart-Williams kitchen. The constant interruptions by her and her friend Sarah are definitely trying his patience. He becomes so angered by their attitude, that he threatens them both with a bare-bottomed spanking, if they don't leave him to the job at hand. Shocked at his response, yet excited at the prospect of this quiet, handsome young man soundly thrashing their bottoms, they continue to harass Pete. A man of his word, Pete come through on his threat and proceeds to warm their bare cheeks with his hand. Becoming confident in his power over the nubile, young women, Pete decides to take the upper hand, and whacks their asses with a leather strap. If that is not enough, he follows the strap with an extremely hard caning. Let's just see who the boss is now!

The second half of our presentation is the continuation of Miss Baxter's saga of missing documents. We find ourselves in advertising. Apparently the documents turned up there quite some time ago, but the secretary couldn't be bothered to inform anyone. Needless to say, the discipline session she endures for her irresponsible attitude is so severe, that she will be sure to follow up any and all wayward items that she may come across.

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