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Housewife Spanked and Fucked for Punishment

I swear I was making the bed the correct way... I really was! But he entered the bedroom to check my progress and my work didn't meet his perfectionist standards. I tried so hard to please him and do as he asked this time, but I must've missed something. I tried apologizing, but it was too late to ask for his sympathy. He'd already decided to issue punishment, and he selected spanking to most directly affect me and my ability to remember this moment. He wanted me to learn how to please him best and I really do try to get everything right for him. I remember best when I'm spanked... and spanked HARD. He yanked down my house pants and issued a few smart smacks right away. I felt the stink and my ass blushed immediately. It hurt, but I was secretly, silently begging for him to choose to bend me over his knee... my favorite way to receive punishing spankings from my dominant husband. I almost thought he'd let me come this time, show me a bit of sympathy and affection as he bent me over his knees, but he only teased me with his fingers playing between my legs, only wet his appetite for stuffing me with his engorged cock. Spanking me was foreplay for him, and he fucked me hard and came all over my pussy to prove it really is ALL for him. yours, Tara

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