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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Chelsea agrees to let her niece, Samantha, live with her while attending college, with one stipulation -- all house rules must be obeyed. Chelsea knows how busy the life of a young college girl can be and how the influence of new friends can introduce new, and possibly unpleasant, habits.
The House Rules were very simple. Aunt Chelsea expected the house to remain tidy. She expected Samantha to keep reasonable hours and to let Auntie know her whereabouts. And, most of all, Chelsea insisted that there was to be NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE. But one evening, while Samantha sits with her friend Ashley, discussing what movie they might like to see, Ashley pulls out her cigarettes and lights up. Without even thinking about the fact that they are lounging in Aunt Chelsea's living room, Samantha joins her friend in a smoke...or two.
As soon as Chelsea returns home, she smells trouble. Smoke is about to start a fire - on naughty Samantha's bottom! As Ashley looks on, Chelsea marches Samantha into her bedroom for a sound spanking and a firm handed lecture about the importance of house rules.
Meanwhile overcome by curiosity, Ashley sneaks down the hallway to peek through the cracked bedroom door. Ashley is astonished. But when she sees Aunt Chelsea take Samantha's jeans down to punish her kicking and complaining niece on her panty-clad behind, something in Ashley is awakened. As Chelsea takes down Samantha's panties and spanks her on the bare, Ashley unconsciously reaches down her belly and begins to play naughty.
Later that night, wicked little Ashley talks Samantha into play-acting the spanking once more, "just for fun". Coyly, Samantha allows Ashley to play "auntie". When Chelsea returne home from dinner with friends, she can't believe the sounds she hears coming from the bedroom. Could those two mischievous girls really be spanking each other? For fun?
Chelsea isn't the only one surprised when she walks into the bedroom and catches the girls just as Ashley was beginning to tickle and soothe Samantha in a most erotic fashion! Chelsea knows only one cure for this kind of behavior!

Stars: Ashley Fires, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Samantha Woodley

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