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Heidee Nytes Spanks Mina Ashe

Video: Heidee Nytes Spanks Mina Ashe
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Studio: Dave's Custom Media
Mina Ashe is such a bratty submissive!!! Her mistress, Heidee Nytes, is trying to give her a much needed, over-the-knee hand spanking, but Mina keeps reaching back and blocking Heidee’s hand of discipline! Mistress Heidee just will not stand for this, and locks Mina up in a stockade!! Helpless to defend herself, bratty Mina pouts and cries as Heidee gives her a well-deserved OTK spanking. Not satisfied that her mouthy charge has learned her lesson, Heidee decides to break out the bath brush to paddle Mina’s already reddened ass! Heidee can tell Mina is secretly enjoying her torment. Heidee has no problem slipping her fingers into Mina’s wet pussy. Frustrated that Mina can’t learn her lesson, Heidee makes her stand in the corner with her apple-red bottom exposed to the world!

Stars: Heidee Nytes, Mina

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