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One Red Ass At A Time Office Violation

Video: Office Violation
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Studio: Urge Alliance
Taylor and I have a love hate relationship. I lust her dearly and she knows it. This is why she feels she can dominate me at will. I have to admit at times, I deserve to be punished. Today was that day. After stealing her thunder at the office she decided it was appropriate to punish me in the conference room in the middle of our work day. She gave it to me good and although I think she went a bit overboard I must confess something, I came ... twice! I know, I know I'm a PERV...tell me something I don't know. I need to be dominated. When she forced me down and made me do things to her I couldn't control my pulsating orgasm. The whip handle sliding deep into my pussy helped a little as well.

Stars: Taylor, Heather Silk

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