Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Heather’s Punishment by Hand, Hairbrush, Holed-Paddle

As can be seen by this photo, Heather receives more harsh punishment. The bruises from the holed-paddle are evident, and she could not sit down for a couple of days without remembering her spanking! Her punishments were recorded over a period of several weeks as she is spanked 2 or more times every week, plus some "touching-ups" where just a quick 2-minute spanking of her bottom is sufficient. HOWEVER, this session demonstrates that she is frequently punished with some rather harsh spankings. Here her bottom is slapped by hand 206 times. Her hairbrush is used on her with 163 strokes. And, the dreaded Blue-Holed-Paddle is applied hard 223 times to her bare bottom! Heather knew that she had been spanked when this session was over! As almost always, Heather cried throughout her punishment. Crying is common with Heather, and here she does not disappoint her Headmaster who spanks her until she is crying.

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