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Heather Severely Whipped for Misbehaviors

14 Face Slaps! 218 Strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap!! Don't miss this one! Heather has been misbehaving for a couple of weeks now and her Headmaster (Daddy) is going to put a stop to it. Having wrecked the car, gotten jealous of the other coeds, getting drunk in a bar and so on, she deserves a very severe beating .. and she gets it!!! As she is made to kneel on the floor and bend over the front of the sofa, her Daddy straps her bare bottom with full-force downward strokes. Then sitting on an ottoman, he applies the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap full across her bare bottom. And these are VERY HARD, and SEVERE strokes to Heather's bare bottom. Crying and squirming throughout her punishment, you know she is being punished for real ... which she is!!! As with all the girls, they receive real spankings, and Heather is no exception.

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