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Headmistress’ Study – The Cheat

Video: Headmistress' Study - The Cheat
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Studio: California Star Productions
The girls could hardly believe their ears when Miss Brody ordered them to bend over and bare their bottoms. The first slap of the hand on her delicate buttocks was a shock to Glenda's senses. As the spanking continued, as her cries of protest were only met with harsher response, she began to understand the folly of her rebellion.

Now comes the cane! Glenda and her young accomplice still have much to suffer before the school's message of obedience has been ultimately driven home. Lydia Cooper, thoroughly exhausted from a grueling session of forced calisthenics, returned to the office hoping the worst was over. Then she saw that wicked cane in the Headmaster's hand.

Now naked and humiliated, she timidly bends over, exposing her tender young bottom to the stinging punishment which lies ahead!

Stars: Reginald Warren, Maxine Chambers, Carrie Williams, Janice Von Kleist

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