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Anna evans is a tall blonde babe that has a body that rocks! She is whipped with a riding crop and then tied to a chair where she is groped and given a tight tit tie that makes her think her boobs are going to pop. As a final lesson in pain she is nipple clamped and then forced to lean over the chair for a hard spanking.

Loren chance is one of the worst secretaries I've ever had. She has mad a big mistake that's cost me a lot of money and she needs to be taught a lesson. It's time for this sexy slut to go over my knee and receive the medicine she deserves.

Sara Liz is a long legged blonde of exceptional beauty. Panty gagged and tied to the table unable to do anything but squirm and moan as she receives her punishment and there's nothing she can do about it.

Angela Ryan is a sexy redhead. She is tied and humiliated while I grope her excellent tits. Then she is given puppy training where she is taught to roll over, beg like a bitch and how to play dead. Her humiliation is complete as she crawls on her hands and knees like a good bitch.

Annabelle is a new girl and over at my place for the first time. She is spanked while tied and helpless and then placed in tight tit bondage while I give her a hard tit slapping. This redhead never expected this kind of treatment when I invited her to stop by.

Finally Kate Mandala is seen here as another of my secretaries that can't do anything right. She is tied and humiliated while I have some fun with her excellent legs and is then left tied to the chair to greet any customers that might wander in. Poor Kate needs her job but hates every second of it.

The one thing these girls are sure of is that they are in big trouble and have no escape.

Stars: Loren Chance, Kate Mandala, Sara Liz, Angela Ryan, Anna Evans, Annabelle Genovisi

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