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Gemini’s Ponderosa

Video: Gemini's Ponderosa
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Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies
Mistress Gemini is out on Her ranch and is going out for a ride on Her favorite horse. Her new ranch hand is no where to be found! When Gemini looks for him She finds him sunning himself and drinking a beer. Furious Gemini takes him over Her knee for a hard hand spanking. His pants and underwear comes off and She whacks his bare bottom until it is bright red. Then Gemini puts him on the floor and stomps on him. She jumps up and down on his chest and then paddles his ass some more. Gemini has him strip down completely naked. He leans over the wall by the pond and Gemini canes his bare ass. The ranch hands legs kick out as the cane blows rain down on his bare ass. Gemini dips the cane into the water for extra sting as She marks his ass. Finally Gemini takes him out to the field and bends him over the horse rail. Gemini gives him a final lesson with the flogger. Then the whip comes out. The ranch hand screams in the sun as he takes his lesson western style! Second scene Finds Gemini and Selene going to the stables to check on their human horse Trigger. They check him over and saddle him and each go for a ride on their slave steed. They walk him for a little while and put him through some warm ups before each Mistress gets in the saddle and takes him for a hard ride. Then they lay him down to brush him off and do some smothering and dominating before they return him to his stable.

Stars: Bart, Trigger, Mistress Gemini, Goddess Selena

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