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Studio: Moonglow
This film is a sequel to The Games School Girls Play, with Sally and Jennifer. Set ten years later, in the first part, Jennifer phones Sally. Sally lying naked in bed, the girls discuss their CP experiences, which turns Sally on in a big way. Then Sally's husband shows up, and she has to hang up rapidly. He is very annoyed with Sally and this part ends with him making Sally bend over the bed for a sound caning.

Part two starts when the girls return from an expensive shopping trip. Soon the subject of conversation is back on corporal punishment. They remember their last visit to the headmaster's study where they were soundly thrashed as well as when Sally was appointed a prefect before Jennifer. Then Sally used her authority to cane Jennifer; later Jennifer extracted her revenge.

Shorts: Sally and the Two Canes: Sally has an erotic caning session with her husband. He uses two canes at once; one to cane her bottom, the other to make her cum.

The last two shorts show an Asian girl learning the delights of the dungeon. In Moni's First Visit to the Dungeon, she finds that it is easy to have an orgasm when tied up on a rack. In Moni Caned in the Dungeon, she discovers the delights of a striped bottom.

Stars: Jennifer, Moni, Sally

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