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First Week Of Term

Video: First Week Of Term
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Studio: California Star Productions
The more thorough bare-bottom spanking which the Roue team have yet filmed, and all of it captured in this sparking spanking video! The wretched Carol Ellis is awash with tears before the headmaster is halfway through her preliminary spanking, her bottom glowing with the heat of a totally genuine punishment. And there's no doubt about the tears they're real too!

With her bottom still throbbing from the Headmaster's palm-prints. Carol is shooed away to the upstairs room where she and her friend Julie Brooks are to be bent over for their canings. The Headmaster comes up and sends Julie for the cane, spanking while Julie tries to find the required cane. At last it is found, and Julie's knickers come down too for the first time of dozens of solid thwacks across her wriggling cheeks. Carol weeps no less copiously than she did downstairs, and is rather more squirmy-bottomed. A splendid tape, particularly if its caned bottoms you want to see!

Stars: Carol Ellis, Julie Brooks

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