Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Firm Embrace

When Mistress Trish discloses her desire to give an over the knee spanking, by ordering slave aaron over her knee, the eager slave literally jumps at the chance. Though she looks deceptively delicate and sensual in her black and white lacy bra, panties, garter, and stockings the slave immediately discovers, besides to be careful what you wish for, that looks are often unsubstantial. Unlike Trish's heavy hand or the severe spanking that this muscular Vixen can deliver when she so desires. And desire she does. Enjoying the firm embrace, the weight of the slave as her spanks sink him further into subs space and consequently further down onto her supportive knee, Trish spanks slave aaron's ass until it is a warm glowing red color. She orders him to stand so that she can appreciate her work. And, because the temptation of a glowing red ass is too much, so that she spank him some more. The full body power of her standing spanks are so wonderfully firm that Trish decides to alleviate her tired hands, with a heavy wooden paddle. She first uses the weight of the paddle to beat and tenderize her happily pained slave with an easy, obviously pleasing, flick of her wrist. Then Trish embraces slave aaron's body again and winds up for some final full force, full body, swings. Each thudding wallop of the paddle produces a sigh of relief, and a hungry moan, from both slave and Mistress.

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