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Final Exams

Video: Final Exams
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Maggy is a big letdown. She's failed her final exams at school and has lost her chance to attend University. Not only has she let herself down, but also Alex who is completely fed-up with Maggy's recent behavior of non-stop partying and non-existent studying! Alex tells the girl that she will have to take the year all over again, but this time she will attend an old traditional English school, located in their town.

Maggy is presented with her new school uniform which she has to put on. Alex then demonstrates with the cane, what she can expect as a daily procedure for the coming year, should she fail any exam. Poor Maggy is caned hard over her school knickers and then on her already sore and well striped bare bottom, until she is completely clear of what is expected of her!

Stars: Alex, Maggy

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