Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Fantasy OTK spanking F/M – full length for broadband

This is a very sexy spanking video about a wife fulfilling her husbands fantasy of being spanked. She is a really hot bodied blonde with incredible legs showing below her miniskirt. She puts him over her lap and spanks him with her hand over his underwear. After she warms him up she lowers the underwear and continues to spank him with her hand. She does this for about 10 minutes and then she uses a small wood paddle on him. THis is a thin paddle with a lot of sting. She spanks him really fast and also slower and harder . . .both get a different reaction out of him and he said both ways really hurt! This is a loving fantasy spanking and you can tell they care about each other, but she does not hold back she gets his butt nice and red and he really knows he has been spanked

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