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Family Chronicles: Episode 4 – The Boss

Video: Family Chronicles: Episode 4 - The Boss
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Studio: Family Chronicles
The ever manipulative Julia gets herself in as much trouble at work as she does at home. She works for a prestigious law firm. Her boss, Miss Carrie Daniels, calls Julia into her office to confront her about her sub-par performance and unprofessional behavior which includes dressing slutty at work and whoring around with the clients. In typical fashion, Julia tries to seduce her boss to get out of trouble. But Julia's manipulative behavior is no match for a top rated lawyer like Miss Daniels. She knows exactly how to play someone like Julia.

In a matter of minutes, Miss Daniels has Julia stripped out of her clothes and spread eagle across her desk ready to submit to a well deserved spanking. Miss Daniels didn't count on her sexy Julia would be when she was out of her clothes. She decides the bratty Julia needs to be taught a lesson she will not soon forget.

With Julia bent over her desk, Miss Daniels probes Julia's tight pussy with several fingers before forcefully fucking Julia with a nice size dildo and then making her suck her own juices from it. Next, she moves her attention onto Julia's tight little sphincter. She gives it a few good licks before shoving a bulbous butt plug up Julia's ass, making Julia apologize all the while for her bratty behavior while giving her a good anal thrusting and ass slapping for her infractions.

Miss Daniels is really getting hot and bothered now and begins stripping off her own clothes. She spreads Julia out across her desk with her head hanging over the side and plants her ample bottom over Julia's face, making Julia appreciate every breath she is allowed to take. Having complete control over Julia at this point, Miss Daniels finishes by fucking Julia's ass and pussy with a couple of different dildos while Julia fiercely rubs her clit trying to bring herself to orgasm. Satisfied that Julia is both sorry for her infractions and happy to keep her job, Miss Daniels picks up her clothes and leaves Julia to clean up her office.

Be sure to tune in for Episode 5 when Laura's girlfriend Sam exacts her revenge on the manipulative Julia and her slutty step-mother.

Family Chronicles is a multi-part series focused around the twisted and taboo desires of a girl named Julia and the dysfunctional relationships she has with her friends and family.It is produced by and is directed by award-winning producer/director and renowned fetishist Kelly Payne. The series features the talents of stars Sammi Rhodes, Amber Rayne, Vannah Sterling and legendary actress Kylie Ireland.

Stars: Kylie Ireland, Sammi Rhodes

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