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Family Chronicles: Episode 3 – Making Up

Video: Family Chronicles: Episode 3 - Making Up
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Studio: Family Chronicles
Sam returns home from a weekend of philandering and is immediately confronted by Laura about their relationship. As a means of revenge, Laura tells Sam about her tryst with cousin Julia. Sam is appalled by Laura's behavior and much like Laura's aunt, Sam decides that Laura's behavior warrants a severe spanking. Sam takes Laura over her knee and reddens her tiny, tight bottom. In doing so, she becomes so aroused that she is soon passionately kissing Laura intensely fingering her pussy and pulling the nipples on Laura's tiny tits.

It is time for make-up sex. Sam ties Laura face down to the four posts of the bed with her hands behind her and proceeds to torture Laura by slapping, fingering and licking Laura's shaved pussy and tiny sphincter with an occasional ass slapping thrown in for good measure.

Sam pulls out the strap on while Laura prods her own ass with an inflatable butt plug. Sam continues to dominate Laura which only puts Laura in a frenzied state of lust playing with herself as Sam is shoving fingers in both her ass and pussy before furiously fucking Laura with her strap-on dildo. Judging by the orgasm Sam gives Laura, it is safe to say that all is forgiven.

Stars: Lilly, Amber Rayne

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