Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Enjoy the Pain

slave mark is going to learn what it means to get an over-the-knee spanking, Mistress Trish style. The Sadist gleefully begins to strike his cheeks with Her palm, and soon draws an "Ow!" from mark with each blow. "When you say 'ow!' it makes Me want to hit you harder," Trish informs Her slave. With that, Her blows intensify, drawing a steady stream of "Ow!"s from the helpless slave, much to Trish's amusement and pleasure. The assault escalates as Trish joyfully makes mark's ass increasingly tender and sore. "It's still there - don't worry," She laughs, as he reaches back to touch his reddening butt. Soon, She is spanking both cheeks with both Her hands at once, drawing agonized cries. "Just relax and enjoy the pain," Trish commands, as She steps up Her attack. Finally, She tells the slave that he will take fifty more spanks, hard and fast. mark desperately counts out the final spanks, and Mistress Trish laughs and admires the warmth of his well-spanked ass.

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