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English Spanking Classics #54 – Double Whammy

Video: English Spanking Classics #54 - Double Whammy
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Studio: California Star Productions
Rocco's reputation as an uncorrupted casting agent takes a blow when Eileen enters the picture and pleads for work. She agrees to be spanked and caned if she can be guaranteed to get some work. Rocco is one not to forgo such an opportunity and immediately gets to work on her bare bottom.

When she gets on site she is asked to ride a horse which we learn she cannot! The director is angry and in order to save her job she must endure a hard hand spanking and in order to save her job, she must receive a hard hand spanking from the assistant director. We also find out that one of the housekeeping girls is found stealing and she too receives a bare bottomed spanking!

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