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English Spanking Classics 5

Video: English Spanking Classics 5
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Studio: California Star Productions
Elisabeth's sorrowful tears and pleading eyes do not dissuade Aunty from giving her the full measure of punishment for hot respecting her Aunty's clothes and bedroom. After all, she was a bad girl...a very bad girl...and she had been discovered! Her eyes fill with tears when she receives the first good spanking of her life. Her bottom turns crimson under the onslaught, but Aunty doesn't finish until she has also been disciplined with the cane. Elisabeth will be obedient!

Julia finds out the hard way that she must please each and every client no matter what their whims. The Madam makes her immediate decision to put Julia back into very strict training to teach her a hard lesson. Julia's tearful cries and bright red bottom attest to the Madam's sincerity when it comes to pleasing clients. She uses the cane without mercy. Julia promises to be much better in the future!

Stars: Julia, Elisabeth, Ona Zee, Debbie

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