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English Spanking Classics #2

Video: English Spanking Classics #2
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Studio: California Star Productions
LISA MUST BE CANED. In "Lisa Must Be Caned", we find that Lisa's uncle has used his expertise as a table tennis player to good use. The hard thwacks of his paddle turn her bottom a beet red. What a sight! With her tennis skirt lifted and knickers round her ankles, he finally strips her entirely of her school uniform and dishes out over 60 hard strokes, all the while ignoring her pleas for mercy. POOL ROOM PADDING. And in "Pool Room Paddling" a local pool shark bets his girlfriend that if she wins a game of pool, he will buy her an expensive dress. But if she loses, she must suffer the corporal punishment he so lovingly desires. She loses, of course, and so begins the hand spankings. When he tells her that a caning will still get her the dress she wants she agrees. The swishy cane quickly turns her soft cheeks red. He knows that when she wears that sexy dress she will always be reminded of this encounter!

Stars: Lisa

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