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English Spanking Classic #12 – Now! The Cane & Dressing Lesson

Video: English Spanking Classic #12 - Now! The Cane & Dressing Lesson
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Studio: California Star Productions
Now! The Cane
If our young Miss knew what was waiting for her she wouldn't have been so anxious to get home. Her beautiful young guardian was fully prepared to hand out a sound spanking punishment. And unfortunately for her the punishment doesn't stop there. A hard tawsing, followed by cruel cuts with the thin cane, all applied to her bare bottom, leaves her red, sore and tearful as she goes to bed.

Dressing Lesson
The pretty blonde is forced to strip naked by her young male guardian, revealing fresh cane marks administered by her headmistress. She then has to put on her school uniform at top speed, but it's never fast enough for the guardian and the cane whips across her bottom time and time again. Her sobbing and whimpering do not stop him from repeating the ritual.

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