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Magician's Methods & The Band Played On - A tope entertaining job on a cruise liner during the summer months is just what magician Sir Larry has up his sleeve. However, his new assistants make his act look like something someone would see at a holiday camp, not a top passenger liner. When the casting director informs him that they will phone him, not him them! Sir Larry realizes the job is lost. He is furious with the girls and shows them the only good method he knows to ensure they get it right next time - a good hand spanking on their bare bottoms. That however, is only the start! Sir Larry has some other implements to use, there are always handy devices in a magician's case and Sir Larry is no exception.

Charity Caning & Garden Party - When two pupils at the university suggest to their teacher that at the charity ball this year, to raise funds, they would submit to a caning competition, he was glad to help out. He asks one of the girls to go and fetch the rule book on caning competitions to establish what actions were allowed in order to warm the girls up first. The sequences of canings in this dress rehearsal for the main event are mouth watering and a delight to spectate upon.

Prison Punishment - Three escapees are lead into Wing F for a special punishment session with Mr. Hunt, the firmest disciplinarian in the Prison. Stripped to their underwear they are given punishment gowns to put on. They are given cleaning jobs around the workshop, but every time Mr. Hunt turns his back the girls misbehave. Not to be messed around with, Mr. Hunt launches into spankings and degrading padding. He humiliates the girls, parading them around on a bench, beating their bare bottoms whilst they are made to walk in a circle. Then it's time for them to raise their punishment gowns for severe canings, which is Mr. Hunt's specialty!

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