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English Punishment Series Number 14

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Studio: California Star Productions
PARTY OF PAIN - While two maids are being chastised by the lady of the house for their conduct during their garden party, her husband takes an attractive guest upstairs for his own pleasure. The guest is attracted to him, but is still a little shocked when he pulls her knickers down for an over-the-knee spanking and paddling with his favorite paddle. Downstairs, his wife is using an identical paddle on the firm, round buttocks of the maids. This is a husband and wife team. They leave all three girls with badly caned bottoms, two for punishment and one for pleasure.

COLLEAGUES CANING - Giving sexual favors to the boss for a raise can be a painful experience if your colleagues find out. Gena's workmates are quite peeved when they learn what Gena has done, and they all but shun her. To make it up to them, she decides to submit to a small punishment, hoping that it will help. She is in for quite a beating on her bare bottom with the savage implements they will use. All she can show for it is a black and blue bottom and still no on to talk to. Although, it does backfire on one of the punishers when the other finds out that she gave Gena the idea in the first place.

CANE WITH HONORS - Two young girls are reprimanded by their respective tutors for not keeping up for their grades. Not only is it frustrating for them, they feel it's a waste of time. From experience, the tutors know that the only way to get the students' minds back on their work is to put them through severe discipline sessions. Much to the girls' dismay, this is exactly what transpires. Using leather tawses and the ever-present cane, they proceed to redden the bare bottoms of the girls in hopes that it will make an impression on them.

PAINFUL PROTESTING - Her Ladyship is extremely depressed, having found out that it has been decided that a bypass is to be rerouted through her state. Her butler James informs her, to her further annoyance, that two of her staff had taken part in the protest that led to this happening. James summons the girls before her to explain their actions. A rather boyish young girl explains that she is a regular protester and had corrupted the other maid into a treetop demonstration to save the nearby forest. Her Ladyship is fuming and spends no time in placing the girls over her knee for a full-on spanking session. She then sends James to the scullery to fetch her paddles and canes, which they both use fiercely before sending the girls to the bath with very sore bottoms.

PUNISHMENT AT THE DANCE ACADEMY - The principal of a well-known dance academy has his hands full when it comes to his attention that two of his pupils are not performing to their abilities. He sees that there is only one way to correct their attitudes. The girls' beautiful bodies are placed across his knee, and their leotards are pulled down, for a good spanking. For good measure, he follows this up with a hard tawsing and firm caning across their lovely bare bottoms.

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