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English Punishment: Series 9

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Studio: California Star Productions
BAR ROOM PUNISHMENT-After two Bar-Maids are caught using drugs during work by Security, they are given the opportunity to undergo Spanking Discipline in lieu of their boss calling the police. Needless to say they reluctantly agree to the punishment. They didn't expect such a severe spanking, and such hard padding nor did they realize how red and painful their bottoms would be. When the crop and cane came out they became distressed, but hoped that this punishment would be less severe than any they might received from the authorities.

A REAL GOOD PART-Thinking that it would improve her chances for an important acting role, an attractive young actress lets a Talent Agent talk her into letting him spank her.

PUNISHMENT FOR PERMITS - Arrested at the Airport by a Customs Officer, two young women are held in detention area and questioned about their reasons for being in the country. Initially lying about being on holiday, they confess when the evidence shows that it's actually to work (illegally). After a second interview, he decides that the best way to proceed here is with a traditional English C.P. session, and has no trouble persuading them to bare their all for this humiliating preliminary punishment which he follows with torrent of hard canings.

BAD DEAL - A true account of what can happen to inexperienced young women in today's world. Organizing a party for a number of celebrity guests who where into the C.P. scene. Knowing that a few had expressly asked me to obtain some cocaine, I sent a friend to buy some from a local dealer. Upon her return, we thought that we had better try it out, what better way to get into a party mood. To my disgust, she had to spent 1000 pounds on baking powder. Obviously I was quite annoyed, so I immediately put her over my knee and spanked her bottom. Enjoying it, I pulled her leggings down and thrashed her beautifully curvy, black bottom until welt marks appeared.

STAGE FRIGHT-As the Production Manager at a local theatre, it was my job to help the actors with any needs. During the third performance it was apparent to the audience and the director both that one actress had forgotten her lines and seemed totally out of place on the stage. I had recommended the young women for the part, so. I took it upon myself to do what I could. Knowing she had never been spanked, I began rather gently so to gain her confidence, as our session proceeded, the spanking and padding became fiercer until I felt she was ready for the cane. Amazingly, she was able to take about 30 cane strokes on her peachy, bare bottom.

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