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English Punishment Series 6

Video: English Punishment Series 6
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Studio: California Star Productions
This installment of our popular "English Discipline Series" is a compilation of the most recent releases by California Star. Highlights of five different videos are included and the authentic Paddling and Caning is sure to delight. Clips are included from: LATE NIGHT MAID, BATHTIME BEATINGS, BAR SERVICE, THE BOTTOMISTS and PUNISHMENT PODIUM. Enjoy!

Late Night Maid - The Mistress of the house finds it necessary to discipline one of her maids for not following the house rules. You can be sure that this young woman will think twice before crossing her mistress!

Bathtime Beatings - Never having been in such a posh home, two young women eagerly check out their surroundings. However, their lack of social grace is soon evident to their hostess when she finds them going through her personal property. The stunned benefactor subjects them to a painful spanking to stop their nonsense.

Bar Service - The Manager of the bar eagerly awaits the arrival of two new recruits to fill the vacancies of two other young women who didn't hold up well. The bar has a diverse clientele who have wide ranging requirements in the world of C.P. To satisfy her clients' tastes, the Manager experiments with a vicious range of implements across the attractive young ladies' bottoms, ensuring their suitability. Her swishy cane is used extensively to ensure that they follow her strict instructions.

The Bottomists - In Punishment for taking advantage of the leniently supervised community service corp. of the local prison, two young prisoners are subjected to corporal punishment with a strap. Finding them still uncaring, the warden sets upon them with the hard caning strokes only she can administer.

Punishment Podium - In charge of recruitment for Stage Magazine, this Madam, desperately wanting such a lucrative contract, is anxious to test her applicants with some spanking and caning. Today is her lucky day as one recruit is very much into the subject herself and is only too happy to teach her some of her own methods. When a Russian girl shows up, they both smack and cane her together, changing the peach-like hue of the poor, fearful girl's bottom to a bright scarlet.

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