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English Punishment Series 38

Video: English Punishment Series 38
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Studio: California Star Productions
Our latest compilation includes: "Suppressed With the Cane Two" about a naughty daughter that has been trying to get her dad admitted to a nursing home. When he uncovers a second attempt by the roommate and a nurse to admit him, they both receive a sound thrashing.

In "Mrs. McClusky's Discipline" our two young ladies have been found at the local shopping center instead of in school. They know that will suffer the wrath of the headmistress's cane. It's not long before she has restored her authority.

In "Mr. Coopers Punishment" two girls are caught stealing from the church collection box. They have also broken a church window in their attempt. It's up to Mr. Cooper to administer their corporal punishment, which he does dutifully across their bare bottoms.

And finally in "Tenant's Ordeal" a landlord finds that his recently rented furnished flat has suddenly become unfurnished! Furious he confronts his tenants for cash, but unsuccessful he decides on a pound of flesh instead.

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