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English Punishment Series 2

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Prison Punishment 2
Prisoners 56 and 57 are sent to the Warden to explain why their cells are such a mess and in one case drugs have been discovered. When they have difficulty explaining, the Warden decides old-fashioned spankings on their bottoms would be more appropriate than sending them to the solitary cells this time. You can see the Warden enjoys this sort of work, and has considerable experience in dealing with these offenders. However, it is not in her jurisdiction to give out corporal punishment, and when Mr. Hunt returns he is furious. He sends her out with a punishment gown telling her to return in 15 minutes with it on. By which time he has severely dealt with Prisoners #56 & 57. His biting cane is used unsparingly on everyone who crosses his path. Mr. Hunt is not evil though, he does warm their bottoms up first with his array of leatherwear. The Warden's larger than usual bottom is not spared on her return, a few good strokes across it ensures the respect of Mr. Hunt for a long time.

'Really!' Mrs. Hope-Walker
The T.V. repairman is very shocked when a very snooty Mrs. Hope-Walker gets him around to repair her set. She watches his every move, which annoys the repairman to no end. While she's in the kitchen, the repairman takes a break and sits himself down in her armchair and lights up a cigarette. Mrs. Hope-Walker comes back and is furious to see this.

Her insults and accusations of thievery are too much for the repairman, so he grabs her for an over-the-knee spanking. He soon discovers that she enjoys this action and when she tells him where to find her private collection of canes and paddles, he uses them in an outright manner.

Mrs. Hope-Walker is a very sexy woman who enjoys it when a man treats her with a firm hand. The harder he hits her bottom, the more she wants!

Last Chance
Marriages don't always work out. Often, one will come back and try to make the relationship work. This ex-wife wants nothing more than to be back with her one-time hubby, but before he gives her a last chance, she must prove herself. Can her ass take the spankings they once could? Pulling her knickers down, bent over his knee, a few good and hard whacks on her fanny is more than enough to give this young dame the message. His hand, cane or a strap, she quickly becomes familiar again of how a good wife should behave. If her screams of pain are any indication of how bad she wants another chance, she must really want it bad!

Penalty Strokes
A girls' first day of work has been spent tying up the phone lines talking to her boyfriend. But Mr. Grimes, her new boss wants to know how she is going to accomplish anything while on the phone. Being a keen spanker, he is anxious to show her that he means business, especially on her first day of work. So he explains his penalty point system to her. Basically, it is his own way of deterring any misbehavior of his employees. The first day, he gives her a mild spanking, which quite excites the secretary. On the second day, Mr. Grimes has more confidence in the girls' obvious competence, and when it becomes necessary, he wastes no time in giving her bare bottom a good paddling and then several hard strokes of the cane.

Late Date
What happens when you run behind schedule? The ass gets a good spanking. Maybe staying in and feeling the sting of a firm hand is better than whatever plans were supposed to take place. Bent over the couch, bare-bottomed, that fanny gets more than a few good whacks. Don't take too long getting ready. If the hand isn't enough to leave a good impression, how about a few blows from a fly-swatter? You might not end up going out on that date after all. Is the lesson learned?

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