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English Punishment Series #17

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Global Warming

Baby Nice and Posh Nice are going far, with high record sales and a sold out tour. But when their Manager finds out that they are dealing with the boss of Global Records behind her back, she is infuriated. The boss is also disgusted by their treachery, and the two of them go to sort them out. The girls are shocked to learn their fate sound beating from both their Manager and the record company boss. A series of spankings ensue, followed by fierce strappings and canings, with the girls squealing, as only professional singers can. It's not long before both girls are naked with very, very red and sore bottoms.

Property Punishment

Sam and Nina are interrupted by an Estate Agent concerning their mortgage records. Sam is no stranger to getting away with this and has made arrangements with the building society manager, and insists that they might be able to perform sexual favors for the Estate Agent. Having never been spanked before they are quite nervous when the Agent dashes out to collect her tools. Nina is first and after a firm hand spanking her eyes are as red as her bottom. Then Sam takes her place over the Agent's knee and is treated to a beating. Nina is a contortionist and is put in extremely unusual positions. The punishment she receives of spanking and caning is most severe.

Eviction Order

Jane is keen to sell her empty house to Gwyneth, but she warns her that it's not the best state before taking her on a tour. Gwyneth is very impressed by the indoor pool and is eager to see the rest of the building. But, they find a scantily dressed young woman asleep in the master bedroom. Realizing that the young woman has been squatting on the property, a terrible row ensues. However, there is a solution! The two women go downstairs to collect some punishment implements, and it is not long before the young squatters' behind is glowing red from the punishment that they give her. Spanking, paddling and caning are involved in her punishment. But there is more to the story, there is another young woman hiding out, watching the action. When she is found, the punishment with the cane teaches her a very valuable lesson.

Caning International - Part 1

Mary's intentions were very honorable when she decided to go to Africa, working as a Missionary. However, she has a very weak side when it comes to sex. This shows in the inappropriate way that she dresses, and in the fact that she has been fornicating with the local Chief's son. This became the last straw for the Director-In-Charge of the Missionaries. Mary was summoned and punished with a spanking on her bate bottom before being stripped naked for a tawsing and a caning with the implement kindly provided by the Chief himself.

Caning International - Part 2

A refugee sees no harm in flirting with one of the aid workers. On a recent inspection, it is discovered that she has a large hoard of food. She is summoned before the Director lectured and then beaten on her bare bottom. She is reluctant to tell the Director where it was that she acquired the contraband food. But the many cane strokes across her bare bottom soon starts to make her tongue wag.

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