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English Punishment Series 13

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Studio: California Star Productions
For Reparations - If there was ever an excuse for a knickers-down hand spanking, this is it. An attractive, yet cheeky English girl has a party and trashes her landlady's home while she is away. Sarah's lovely bare bottom turns bright crimson in reparations for this episode. But then after going to her father and telling him the story, the father threatens legal action, so the landlady decides to submit to the same punishment that she delivered to his daughter.

Maximum Impact/Casting Couch Caning - After finding two cleaning girls in her office one morning, still drunk from the party they had the night before, and knowing that she has an important meeting there today, a beautiful agent takes matters into her own hands. Going to her cupboard she fetches a nasty looking birch and proceeds to have them remove their panties and in compromising positions she then uses the birch on their bare bottoms. This takes a bit of cheek out of them, but when her swishy cane is brought out and used upon them relentlessly, repeatedly thrashing across their sweet buttocks you know that this severe punishment will leave a definite impact on their behavior.

Red Route Area - Two attractive young ladies arrive at the local parking administrator's office to explain their parking offences. Having heard the same stories before, their explanations fell on deaf ears. Pay with cash or bare your bottoms for severe punishment. Unable to afford the fine, the young girls lower their knickers for a good hard paddling, followed up with a traditional hard caning administered with the council's seal of approval.

P.G.A. Approved caning - The young hopefuls from a leafy golf club have been letting their club down with bad performances. It is brought to the attention of the disciplinarian committee chairman, who is a bad tempered battle axe. She threatens to expel the girls from the club, unless they are subjected nude beatings and very sever canings. And she has a swing that jack Nicklaus would be proud of.

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