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English Discipline Series – Preliminary Interview

Video: English Discipline Series - Preliminary Interview
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Studio: California Star Productions
The producers of this series have unique credentials in the field of corporal punishment video. They are authentic English disciplinarians of the traditional school. Exquisite punishments are meted out with that distinct air of authority which is so characteristic of the European style. We are pleased to bring you this time honored tradition of genuine English Discipline as depicted in this series, and we hope you enjoy them as we have.

Two attractive young girls attend an interview with a well known producer of CP videos and magazines. Tryouts begin with a nude modeling session. Then they must demonstrate their acting ability in an impromptu scene involving corporal punishment. The paddle, the whip, and the cane bring out the best in these starlets. Acting can be a painful profession. But in this business, one must start at the bottom, the bare bottom.

Stars: Kathryn Neilson, Peggy Landing

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