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English Discipline Collections Part 2

Video: English Discipline Collections Part 2
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TRUANT OFFICER - Two girls are caught stripping in the Queens Head. Thoroughly enjoying the sensation of dancing while wearing nothing at all and rubbing lotion over one another's bodies, teasingly slapping the others bottom. The Head Masters of their school cannot abide this type of behavior and they do so enjoy meting out discipline to disobedient pupils. The riding crop kissing their tender flesh soon brings tears of humiliation to these two. They now have tender bottoms in which to apply their lotion.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE - There are some delightful scenes of these lovely girls bottoms being spanked in their navy blue knickers, made all the more interesting in a woodland setting. On their return to his study they are brought to rights by some firm spanking that only the Head knows how to administer.

COLLEGE CLASSICS No. 8 - There is no room for impertinence at St. Luke's College for Girls, as three young co-eds are about to find out. Mr. Hutchinson has put them in detention to sort out their little "attitude" problem. Their lack of respect has left him with no choice but to apply the traditional method of discipline for which St. Luke's has become so famous. One by one, these belligerent beauties are stripped of their knickers and soundly spanked. PUNISHMENT PLATOON- In this outfit undisciplined girls will be punished, severely. An impertinent and uncooperative attitude will not be tolerated either. And this platoon leader is most experienced at enforcing the rules. In this case, a harsh, stinging spanking will be the method of punishment used. These girls will not soon forget the pain of swollen red bottoms.

BIG BOTTOM GIRLS CANED - When these delightful bottoms receive the painful, sexual stimulating sensations that only a beating with a cane administered by someone with experience can give, it will leave you yearning for the same exquisite feeling. Longing to run your hand over these scrumptious bare bottoms, beating the blistering red marks left by the unyielding cane.

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