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End Of The Day

Video: End Of The Day
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Studio: Kshara Productions
Special situations are waiting for Bianca... she has to stand a long night corporal punishment! Her hands are tied up with a long piece of sheet and her ankles are bound too while she has to kneel on a little potty chair... The working class' dirty and sticking dressing room is full with silent screams... just a gone rigid face and the fear of the unknown future! Hardcore breast - ass - back whipping! In scene two, a huge oily metal disk is the ground for the little doggy posing pussycat! Her corporal punishment turns a level up! Pussy - ass whipping! And last but not least, in scene three...the pigtailed sexy little cutie has a last stage for this night... Long bullwhip attack and painful ass whipping!

Stars: Bianca Love

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