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Elite Pain Interviews: Vanessa The Dancer

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Vanessa The Dancer
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Vanessa is new to this and it is her initial casting audition. She doesn't have a problem getting naked because she is a full time stripper. She took on this profession because the commercial profession paid close to no money. Her curiosity about getting tied up and raped as fantasy has come to surface one again. Her breasts are perfect and her shaven pussy adds to Max's excitement and he anticipates a lovely test. Vanessa has never had any sexual experience with this type of thing. Max wants to help her become more familiar with the instruments individually. First up is a bit of pussy punishment. He has Vanessa spread her pussy lips as best as she can for the camera. He strikes it a few times and moves onto the next test. He places her wrist in handcuffs' and links them to the cross along with her ankles. Maximilian asks if she has ever worked in an office setting with clamps. While letting Vanessa get a feel for them, he places the other one on her nipple and proceeds to switch them until they come off. Her nipples appear to be very sensitive and basic breast play makes her nervous. In a stand/sit position, Max has Vanessa try a test of self-control when the different instruments are used.

Just when Vanessa thinks it is all said and done, Max gives her an exclusive offer. He agrees to put her in a film, if she agrees to receive fifty cane strokes. He tells her that the strokes will leave marks, which will fade over time. Vanessa agrees and he relays her passing of the casting audition.

Stars: Vanessa, Maximilian Lomp

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