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Elite Pain Interviews: Nikita Blumberg

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nikita Blumberg
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nikita Blumberg appears as a contestant in the BDSM Game show Painful Duel 1 and as the voluntary submissive in Elite Club's 18th Case. This is her initial casting audition.

Nikita has come to the Elite Pain Interview because she wants to be pushed in very demanding situations. Max asks her if money motivated her, as well. She smiles and says that yes, of course money too was a motivation for her. Max launches into a series of intensely intimate questions, trying to gauge her capacity to withstand humiliation. She is not shy at all, talking openly about her many sexual partners and about her sexual preferences.

Max puts clamps on her nipples and uses a crop to smack them off. She winces in pain when Max cruelly twists her nipples after removing the clamps. Next he uses the multi-tail whip to test her tolerance for pussy punishment. He talks to her throughout, explaining what he is doing. When he wants to put clamps on her pussy, she pushes her lips outward to give him a better view. Finally, he uses a multi-tail whip on her breast and insist that the more are given the worse it feels. Max is pleased with how the test has gone from beginning to end, and offers Nikita a role in a film in a movie.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Nikita Blumberg

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