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Elite Pain Interviews: Mia The Long Haired Girl

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Mia The Long Haired Girl
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation. Casting director Maximilian Lomp probes potential actresses to find out who they are, why they are there, and how much pain they can take.

Max can tell that Mia is scared, so he asks her why she's come to the casting for Elite Pain. Mia explains that she is frightened of the pain, but needs money desperately, and will endure the intense pain for the money. As she undresses in front of Max, he asks her probing questions about her sex life, trying to determine whether she can handle humiliation.

Max shows Mia his various tools of torture and then has her stand still for her very first beating. He uses a variety of whips on her with each stroke connecting smartly with her breasts, her stomach and her thighs. She doesn't make a sound. Max also uses a paddle and the cane to beat her bare bottom. He uses a whip to focus strokes on her tender pussy as well. After the test is complete, Max congratulates Mia for passing. She talks about how painful it was but still agrees to be in an upcoming film.

Stars: Mia, Maximilian Lomp

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