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Elite Pain Interviews: Jessica The Little Blonde Fairy

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Jessica The Little Blonde Fairy
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Max is enchanted by Jessica from the start, referring to her several times as a blonde fairy and a princess. While waiting for her interview, Jessica fell asleep and Max asks her what she did last night; was she sucking cock or having sex? She shyly replies she was watching TV, face red and embarrassed already. She is clearly scared and fidgeting constantly. When bade to do so, she removes her clothes quickly, seemingly in defiance of her own fear, but bashfully covers her breasts. Max will have none of this, however, and roughly pulls down her arms.

Her first taste of pain comes from a riding crop. Max uses the crop to strike her belly and breasts, leaving bright red marks behind. Next, Jessica is told to sit with legs spread and Max attaches clamps to her pussy and uses the riding crop to beat them off. She repeatedly puts her hands in the crop's path and Max has had enough; he binds her hands above her head for his next test. Max uses a wooden paddle on her bare bottom and Jessica begins to cry. The cane is next, and Jessica is humiliated in the bent-over position Max has her get into. After one stroke she leaps to her feet and crying, says she cannot bear another. Max uses her desperation for money to coerce her into taking two more strokes, but she refuses. Even when Max tells her that one more stroke will win her a role in a film, she staunchly refuses. Max expresses his disappointment at her failed test and bids her a farewell.

Stars: Jessica, Maximilian Lomp

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