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Elite Pain Interviews: Jessica Colt

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Jessica Colt
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Jessica is a cute, bubbly girl. She tells Max that she's come to the Elite Pain casting because she wants to test herself. She also admits the money motivated her as well. As is his custom, Max asks Jessica probing, personal question, trying to gauge her ability to withstand humiliation. She answers his questions about her sex life with no problems and quickly disrobes with no qualms. But of course Max has not finished testing her just yet.

Kneeling on a chair in the doggie position, Jessica is fully exposed to Max. He attaches painful clamps to her pussy and roughly pulls them off without even a flinch from Jessica. Next, clamps are attached to Jessica's nipples and again she does not flinch. But when Max uses a riding crop to beat them from her breasts her calm finally breaks and tears slide down her cheeks. Jessica then sits with her legs spread over the sides of the chair and Max uses various painful tools to strike her sensitive inner thighs and pussy. She is crying freely now. Her punishment for trying to close her legs is humiliation; Max has her stand and hop up and down in front of him. His final test is with the cane, which he uses on her thighs. Overall, Jessica withstood the humiliation and pain quite well and Max tells her she has passed the test.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Jessica Colt

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