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Elite Pain Interviews: Flower The Grocery Store Clerk

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Flower The Grocery Store Clerk
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Flower is a country girl that has come to the Elite Pain casting out of curiosity. She admits she is afraid and when Max pushes she concedes she is afraid of pain. "Dear Flower, I must tell you that it's going to hurt very much," Max replies. The lovely Flower is decidedly scared! Although humiliation is a large part of the pain these girls feel, Flower seems not to be bothered by any of Max's too personal questions about her sex life. In fact, she even enjoys getting undressed for Max. As you will see later, this Flower is indeed a rare specimen.

Max binds Flower's hands above her head and pulls her hair. He uses his bare hand to cruelly hit her pussy, followed by painful strokes from a multi-tail whip. Next, Max uses a wide leather belt to strike her thighs. Electrical wires are then used to whip her breasts. Throughout all of these various torments, Flower continues to smile, seemingly oblivious to the pain. Max attaches clamps to her pussy and to this she grimaces in pain. Next is a stock whip that leaves glaring red stripes on Flower's skin. Lastly, Flower bends over a chair and Max uses the multi-tail whip, leather belt and cane to strike her bare bottom. It seems that nothing fazes Flower and Max is tremendously pleased with her ability to withstand both pain and humiliation.

Stars: Flower, Maximilian Lomp

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