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Elite Pain Interviews: Erica The Desperate Novice

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Erica The Desperate Novice
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Erica and Max have met once before during a casting for Mood Pictures. At that time this lovely blonde was able to withstand 50 cane strokes, thus earning her a role in a Mood Film. Max asks her if it was painful and she nervously says that yes, it was painful but she needed the money so she remained strong. Max teases her a bit, asking if she likes pain and humiliation. She says she does not, and to this Max attempts to humiliate her by asking personal questions about her sex life. She is not put off, and answers all of his questions quickly, knowing he will punish her if she does not.

Max uses a wide leather belt as his first painful test. He strikes her about the thighs and belly, leaving wide red marks behind. Max tells Erica to bend over and he uses the multi-tail whip to beat her pussy from behind. Naked and in pain, Erica is also humiliated in this submissive position. She cries out in pain and flinches away but Max torments her, reminding her how much she needs the money. Next, clamps are attached to her nipples and Max uses a whip to beat them off while her hands are bound behind her back in handcuffs. Later, Max will have Erica pick the clamps up from the floor with her mouth while on her hands and knees, further humiliating her. After Max has used various painful tools to stripe Erica's body with lasting marks, he is finally finished and she sits, panting and quivering. Max is happy with her performance and invites her to come back for a role in an upcoming film.

Stars: Erica, Maximilian Lomp

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