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Elite Pain Interviews: Cathy Flaw

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Cathy Flaw
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Cathy Flaw proved to be an excellent contestant for Elite Pain's Pain Factory 4. This is her initial casting audition.

Cathy is a timid hairdresser. She has come to the Elite Pain Casting out of curiosity, and a willingness to test herself, but mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that money was also a factor. It is obvious how nervous she is and when asked, explains that she is very nervous to take off her clothes, but not of the pain. That will change quickly. She stands in her panties, bashfully answering Max's intimate questions about oral and anal sex. She hesitates when asked to remove her panties, and Max yells at her, commanding her to follow his orders.

To test her endurance for pain, Max first uses the multi-tail whip to strike her breasts and pussy. He then attaches clamps to her sensitive nipples but when he attempts to clamp then to her pussy, she refuses him. Max shows her a needle, a device often used in films, but this too she refuses. He then furthers her humiliation by having her suck on a dildo while he whips her. Each directive Max gives her takes her a few moments to process; she is so scared she is having trouble following his orders. Finally, he uses the cane, giving her two painful strokes. When asked if she could withstand 50 cane strokes in a film, she does not answer. Despite all her refusals, Max tells her she has passed the test.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Cathy Flaw

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