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Elite Pain Interviews: Berta Black

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Berta Black
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Berta Black has submitted to brutal spankings in a few Elite Pain movies like The Exam and Painful Duel IV. This is her initial interview and casting audition.

Berta Black is a nurse. Max tries to humiliate her by asking probing questions about her sex life, but is surprised to find she is very experienced. In fact, she's had threesomes and even been spanked before! Before the painful part of the interview begins, Max explains that she can stop at any time, but if cast in a film, she will have to take all punishments she's signed up for, regardless of how much she screams and begs him to stop.

Max shows Berta the various instruments of torture. Max uses the cane on her bare bottom. She inhales sharply, unable to take another stroke. Next, Max uses the leather strap. After the first stroke, Berta squats down away from the strap, angering Max. He tells her she must follow orders and will now receive three strokes from the wooden paddle as punishment. But first, tight clamps are attached to her nipples and later smacked off with a whip. He uses the whip to forcefully strike her pussy, forcing her to spread her legs wide for her punishment.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Berta Black

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